My Quotes

One of my favorite hobbies is writing… Here are some of my personal Quotes, Tweets, One-Liners and Affirmations, I’ve come up with along the way… Enjoy!

Quoth the Raven nevermore…


Service is love in action.

Without SERVICE you will not survive, whether it be your profession, your relationships or with yourself.

It’s not that you give too much – It’s that, when you give to someone who is not ready to receive at your level of giving, you will create chaos for YOU and Them!


Your spiritual evolution becomes transparent, when you judge and speak of others with unkind words.

You are a Being of Progression and Expansion – You will naturally progress and expand from EVERY situation.

ALL Rivers lead to the Sea – therefore be kind to everybody, we are ALL swimming together!

There is a magnetic force on the planet pulling you towards your best destiny daily, FEEL it, ALLOW it, BECOME it… It WILL pull you towards your Infinite Stream.


Love is an absolute Energy – it NEVER ends or dies.

If you tell me you don’t believe in true love, then I’ll tell you you’ve forgotten who you truly are.

At some level we all know this to be the ultimate truth… Love is the only reason we are here!


Sometimes saying goodbye is saying hello.

Happiness and control are like a teeter-totter… the lower control goes, the higher happiness goes.

There are a million streams you can float in, all lead to the same destination… Your job is to pick the one for you and then let go COMPLETELY.

Pain in life is from wanting something to be different then it is. Allow it to be and it will start to flow, restrict it and it will persist.

There is a thread, many moments of greatness that will flow through each day of your life… ‘YOUR JOB’ is to feel it and ride it.

When you can feel it, you will know it and then you will see it… Therefore, you are meant to feel your way through life.

There a HUGE difference between being celebrated versus being tolerated. Whether personal relationships or business, GO where you are celebrated.

What you seek, also seeks you. Let go & know it will it will collide with your vibration, it MUST! Only your doubt and attachment will keep it invisible.

Pay attention to your breath, for in the end, that will be the last thing you let go of.

The truth of someone’s conversation, lies NOT in what they say, but rather in what they DON’T SAY.


T.ogether E.xpressing A.lchemy in M.otion

The right combination, not only opens a lock, but unleashes a powerful TEAM!

What makes a team, company, country great are PEOPLE; Therefore, your GREATEST ASSET, are the PEOPLE who desire to collaborate with you.

A life that is out of focus, or a life jamming with clear purpose, is greatly dependent on your CLOSE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS.


M.L.M. = Make Lotsa Money

Money stalks me!

Attract so much MONEY, that you are able to spend, save, invest, have a blast and contribute EVERYDAY.

“REAL” entrepreneurs make quick decisions and take action immediately!

Your ability to make a gut level decision fast, and move into immediate action, ALWAYS determines your future bank account.

Mother Teresa died a multi-millionaire and flew on private planes. You live in a material world, the world NEEDS you to be wealthy.

Easier to create millions than be broke. Being broke consumes your energy. Flowing in the creativity of wealth GIVES you energy.

EVERYTHING you do adds up… Numbers tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth! What’s in your bank Account?


Do you have a wishbone or a backbone? Your success depends on it.

When your Monday feels like a Saturday, you’re successful.

if you want a better LIFE, you MUST accept RISK!

That which is likened to itself is drawn. So relax, it’s all coming to you!

Desire all your desires, but want NOTHING. Practice daily.

I would rather work on a holiday and holiday when others work.

It is one breath at a time and softness of the soul that eventually WINS great successes.

Why roll over and wait, when you can wake up and create!

My success is comprised of 3 things – I yearned, I learned, I earned.

Cook before you’re hungry – Start a business before you need a business.

I’m always willing to give up the “good” and go for the “great” – Anything else is a rip off to my magnificence.

Number ONE reason people judge you – They envy you. Be so awesome, people have to talk about you.

When the lines between work and play become blurred, you have achieved REAL financial freedom.

Whenever you meet someone of self-made success, you are meeting someone who took a HUGE risk! Congratulate them.

Celebrate others successes and you will be truly wealthy in bank account and in spirit!

If you get up in the morning and go to bed at night, and in between do what you want, you are a SUCCESS!


Real POWER is when you have every ability to do the wrong thing, but choose the greater good and do the right thing.

Be wise with your POWERr… Your family, friends, children, employees, all those that love and serve you daily, are trusting YOU.

We ALL have a common Super Power, but few of us really use it… What is this Super Power? CONFIDENCE.

Walk in your CONFIDENCE, no matter what, and you INSTANTLY own your power and the world.


You are completely and totally ineffable!

When you radiate your light with Authenticity & Consistency, you will be rewarded… The world will take notice.

People are attracted to a kind, passionate leader that is setting the world on fire. BE MAGNIFICENTLY HOT!

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