Rave Reviews


“Raven excels in unlocking the marketing genius inside every distributor. Her ability to help each individual maximize their marketing dollars to create bottom line, no-hype profits is amazing.”

-David D’Arcangelo
“Money Talk” Host
Author, “Wealth Starts at Home”


“The most entertaining and informative trainer in network marketing. Raven has mastered the basics and shows you how to grow the business with great ease. By far one of the best I’ve ever heard.”

-John Alston
Leading expert in character based achievement
Author, “Life is a Gift, Don’t Trash It!”


“Raven is one of the most dynamic, consistent uplines in the industry.”

-Ray Cassano
Multi-Million dollar MLM Distributor

“The key to success in MLM, is to always have a never-ending flow of new prospects. With Raven’s experience, you will be provided with unique, fun, and effective concepts to do just that.”

-Juliet Edens
MLM Leader with a team of 4,200

“The greatest gift a person can be given is knowledge and training. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be part of the Raven’s Team!”

-Linda Guill
MonaVie Distributor

“Your team conference call last night was the most encouraging hour I’ve ever spent in MLM. Thank you!”

-Jose McClinton
MonaVie Distributor

“Thanks again for your friendship and support! Being personally sponsored by you is Exciting and a Honor!”

-Jack Peel
MonaVie Distributor

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