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It’s better in a GEL!

The innovation of the Agel products started with the technological breakthrough of our gel. By using state-of-the-art science to put nutrition in a state of suspension, we ensure consistency in delivery and quickness in bioavailability. We have changed the possibilities of nutrition both inside and out.

Agel Active


To gain alertness and clarity without losing your calm, put your mind to the properties of OHM. Empty calories and artificial stimulants will lose all their appeal after you experience the natural energy OHM provides in abundance.

Rich in resources for increased mental energy. OHM contains schizandra, rhodiala, and ginseng, all of which may help you increase your resistance to stress and enhance your mental focus. It also contains taurine, numerous B vitamins, and D-ribose for even more punch.

Energy when you need it. This proprietary formula also gives you physical energy when you need it and can help reduce the time it takes your body to recover from the strain of normal physical activity. The travel-friendly gel pack allows you to have easy access to that energy at your convenience. It all adds up to an essential resource for anyone engaged in the fast pace of today’s modern world.

What can OHM do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Supports you with daily energy and focus*
  • Helps you efficiently convert food to energy*
  • May help support energy and concentration during athletic performance*
  • Assists your immune system*
  • Minimizes fatigue during normal daily activities*
  • May increase your capacity for physical and mental work*

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + Vegan


Are you trying to lose a few pounds? Do you need a little boost to keep you focused, whether at work or at play? Ask yourself, “Do I want to be more active? Do I want a healthier lifestyle?” If the answer is yes then AGEL ACTIVE is for you.

Losing weight can be a huge struggle. But FIT can help you finally win the battle of the bulge. Being overweight increases your chances for health problems and decreases your ability to do things. Overcoming it isn’t easy, but using FIT as part of your weight control program can help.

FIT fits perfectly with your weight control program. To reduce your weight, you have to eat less and move more. But FIT can also help. If you take FIT gels before two meals, you may increase the effectiveness of your weight control program. That’s because it contains an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that comes from the fruit and rind of garcinia cambogia.

Prevent your body from storing unused carbohydrates. Clinical studies have shown that HCA prevents your body from storing unused carbohydrates and inhibits fat production. In other words, it helps you win the battle between how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn. Whenever you win this battle, you lose weight.

Eat less, move more, and lose weight. Another benefit of HCA is that it is a mild appetite suppressant. If taken 30-60 minutes before a meal, it can help you eat less. If you eat less and move more, you can win the battle of the bulge. And few things benefit your health more than losing those extra pounds. Studies show that weight loss helps maintain healthy blood pressure, improves sleep, and can add years to a person’s life.

What can FIT do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Now with Hoodia
  • May help suppress the appetite*
  • May inhibit fat synthesis*
  • May increase the burning of fat*
  • Supports healthy reduction in your body weight*
  • Helps the body’s normal production of serotonin*
  • Can increase the effectiveness of a weight loss program over diet and exercise alone*

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + Vegan


Agel PRO packs a protein punch in a convenient, single-serve package. 
PRO is perfect for a between-meal pick-me-up, without the hassle of mixing powders, swallowing a pill, or consuming a pasty, tasteless bar. And the protein in PRO is absorbed quickly—which means faster impact on your body.

Hunger doesn’t always coincide with proper mealtime. For those times when you need a healthy, quick snack solution or extra protein for your training regimen, PRO is ideal. Its 10 grams of protein help build muscle and maintain overall body conditioning, all from an inexpensive and easily carried package.

Our bodies use protein every day to support our health and well-being. Protein increases metabolism and helps produce healthy muscle, organ tissue, and bones. It also plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system.

Our protein is a complete source for all nine essential amino acids. It’s an easy-to-digest, incredibly rich source of the critical amino acids that give athletes an edge by metabolizing directly into muscle tissue. It also is an excellent source of leucine, an essential amino acid that helps


build lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

What can PRO do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Provides convenient access to protein then you need it*
  • Gives you a healthy snack option*
  • Helps build muscle*
  • Can assist in weight loss*

Nutritional Facts:
PRO Chocolate
PRO Strawberry
Halal Certified + Vegetarian (contains whey)



Beauty from the inside out…

Hydrating your body is key to looking good and feeling good. As we age, it becomes increasingly more difficult for our cells to absorb water. This leads to a dry, flaky and dull appearance. When combined, Green Tea Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Aloe Vera help your cells absorb water, providing fuller, healthier skin, hair and nails.

Enhancing the Collagen fibers in our bodies can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance. Over time these fibers weaken and stretch causing fine lines and wrinkles, even sagging. By combining Acerola Cherry extract, Horsetail extract and Coenzyme Q-10 you can properly support your collagen fibers.

Protecting yourself from environmental pollutants and the long term effects of the sun can give you an even, smooth and healthy complexion for years to come. GLO accomplishes this by combining Green Tea Extract with Turmeric and Oats.

Halal and Kosher (in review) + Vegan



Variety is the spice of life and helps to sustain it too. By combining a wide variety of exotic fruits and plant extracts, EXO provides you with a complete spectrum of antioxidants critical to a long and healthy life.

The best natural ingredients. EXO is a unique and perfectly balanced blend of exotic fruits and plant extracts. Some of these fruits and extracts are already well-known and well-regarded by those interested in health and well-being. These celebrated sources of health include seabuckthorn, mangosteen, and a’ai, to name a few. But EXO also contains many, many other sources of anti-oxidants in a rich and tasty blend.

The best are even better together. Each of these exotic fruits and plant extracts is incredibly good for your health, but they’re even better together. Which means that EXO contains a wider range of nutritive qualities than products that offer only one active ingredient. EXO’s unique combination of ingredients offers you literally hundreds of naturally occuring antioxidants in the same convenient serving.

Lose free radicals and gain better health. Antioxidants are essential to living well. They’re also essential to preventing cellular damage, thanks to their ability to neutralize free radicals. What does this mean for you? It means that EXO may help your body deal with the added stress of a hectic lifestyle and an environment full of pollutants. In fact, getting rid of free radicals can actually slow down the symptoms of the aging process.*

What can EXO do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Contains hundreds of naturally occuring antioxidants*
  • Shields the body from free radicals*
  • Combats signs of normal, age-related decline*
  • Boosts immune function activity*

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + Vegan


Everyone needs the right vitamins and minerals to have a healthy life. Which is why everyone should know about MIN. It doesn’t contain too much or too little of these essential nutrients, but just the exact daily amounts you need to help you overcome the impact of highly processed foods and unhealthy eating habits.

Good nutrients are hard to find. These days, most of us get our calories not from food, but from food product—highly processed and refined meals and snacks that are much more about convenience than good nutrition. These food products are usually high in sugars and fats but low in vitamins and minerals. This has led to many of us being deprived of the nutrients that make us feel better, that keep our bodies functioning properly, and that allow us to perform at our best.

The right vitamins and minerals in the right amount. MIN gives you the exact amounts of the essential vitamins you need everyday. It provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of 12 essential vitamins and up to 75% of 10 essential minerals. Sure, there are plenty of megadose supplements available, but many of their nutrients may not be absorbable. Even worse, huge doses of some vitamins and minerals can be toxic.

Nothing hard to swallow about it. Besides providing the right amount of nutrients, MIN uses the revolutionary Suspension Gel Technology to maximize their absorption. So if you’d like to minimize the waste and maximize your vitamins and minerals, MIN is the supplement for you. Better yet, it provides this essential nutrition in a great-tasting form that’s easy to swallow, simple to take with you, and sweetened by nature’s own sugar, fructose.

What can MIN do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Contains 100% RDI of essential, energy-producing coenzymes*
  • Provides stamina for normal daily activities*
  • Converts carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy*
  • Helps keep normal bones, teeth, and joints healthy*
  • Supports normal vision and hearing*

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + Vegetarian (contains lanolin)


Fucoidan is one of the most exciting nutritional discoveries of the last decade, so it’s important that millions discover it for themselves. UMI is rich in this amazing ingredient derived from brown seaweed, which for centuries has been heralded by cultures with famously long life spans.

Find out what many have known for centuries. In coastal and island cultures around the world, fucoidan-rich brown seaweed has been considered a staple of healthy nutrition for centuries. It looks like they were on to something. Their choice to include seaweed in their diet is now supported by science. There are hundreds of studies already published about the potential health benefits of fucoidan, and many other health experts and scientists are now exploring the possibilities of this incredible nutrient.

Improve your immune system. Fucoidan has been shown to sustain and promote better health. It also helps promote the health of white blood cells, and supports their production in the body. Healthy white blood cells are a critical part of your body’s imuno-response.

What can UMI do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Helps replace dead cells enabling tissue and organ regeneration*
  • Supports the immune system by increasing healthy white blood cells*
  • Provides assistance to the circulatory and cardiac system in maintaining normal blood flow and cardiac function*
  • Assists in inducing apoptosis – the natural means by which organisms eliminate harmful cells*
  • Supports proper liver and kidney function*

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + Vegan



Healthy joints can help you maintain an active lifestyle. Joint pain from exercise and the normal activities of an active life can be a big annoyance, which is why maintaining healthy joints is so essential.

Four supplements for healthy joints. There are four supplements touted for their healthful effects on joints: Chondroitin Sulfate is a part of a large protein molecule that gives cartilage elasticity. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is believed to assist in cartilage formation and repair and in the lubrication of the joints. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a biologically available form of sulfur shown to be effective at supporting joint health. And Celadrinâ„¢ is a proprietary combination of cetylated fatty acids that has been shown to promote joint health and reduce minor or temporary pain due to the normal activities of an active life.*

There are many pills that contain one or even two of these supplements. But FLX contains all four.

All natural for an active lifestyle. All four of these ingredients are derived from natural sources, which means that the most effective help for healthy joints might be found right in nature and, more conveniently, in easy-to-swallow, easy-to-carry gel packs. In other words, it’s a simple way to keep your joints healthy for an active lifestyle.

What can FLX do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits

  • May be beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints*
  • Helps maintain normal joint mobility and maximum flexibility*
  • Helps with temporary or minor joint pain associated with normal activities**

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + NOT Vegetarian


Agel HRT puts your heart in the right place. A well-functioning heart is essential for good health, and the unique blend of nutrients in HRT can help you achieve the best heart possible. This scientifically formulated and technologically advanced gel is designed specifically to help protect your heart, fuel your myocardial system, and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

HRT can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Good news is that, in conjunction with diet and exercise, HRT can help you maintain existing healthy cholesterol levels.

HRT can fuel and protect your heart. With its blend of antioxidants and other nutrients, HRT offers the heart energy and protection. Taurine, for example, supports healthy heart tissue, while carnitine helps increase myocardial energy production—and these are just two examples of all the heart-oriented components found in HRT.

Get to the heart of the matter. The condition of your heart can have a big impact on your life. So eat right and exercise. And to augment your healthy heart lifestyle, consider the unique blend of nutrients found in HRT.

What can HRT do for you? Here are just a few of the many potential benefits:

  • Helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol*
  • Gives your heart energy*
  • Supplements a heart-healthy life*

Nutritional Facts
Halal Certified + Vegan


You can never have too much of a good thing. Blood vessel contraction and expansion, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, sending messages through the nervous system and of course healthy bones; what do all these things have in common? Calcium: the most abundant mineral in the human body and now Calcium is easier for your body to get than ever before, with CAL.

Saving is better than spending. Most of the Calcium in your body is stored in the bones and teeth where it supports their structure. The rest is found throughout the body in the blood, muscles, and the fluid between cells. Every day your body withdraws small amounts from your bones to support the normal function of your body systems. If you don’t get enough calcium, you could be withdrawing more than you are depositing. CAL makes sure that you are taking in more than you are giving out.

Just the right amount. Just like a sponge your body can only absorb so much at one time. This is true with Calcium supplements. Studies have shown that 500mg taken twice a day is the proper way to replenish your body. Any more than that gets wasted. CAL has been specially formulated with these limits in mind.

Nutritional Facts
Halal and Kosher Certified + NOT Vegetarian

AGELess SkinCare

Antioxidants aren’t just good for the inside but the outside as well…

Enter Ageless, a natural antioxidant skin care line based on the super fruit combination in Agel’s EXO. Combined these seven products enhance, protect and nourish your skin giving it a vibrant, healthy appearance for years to come.


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