Why Agel?

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Why Agel?

If I’ve been asked this question once, I’ve been asked it a thousand times. However, for you to clearly understand how a single mom could completely walk away from a passive annual income of $711,651.98 in the midst of an uncertain economy to join Agel, you need to follow me through my decision making process.

Why I started looking for a new MLM?

In January of 2008 I embarked on a journey in search of the next billion dollar giant, that’s right, way before I had made my $711,651.98 income in 2008.

Why did I start looking when I already had an extremely stable income with a billion dollar MLM company? There are several reasons why I started to look, but the biggest reason was that I knew if I applied my knowledge about internet marketing, social media, and international expansion, while riding another billion dollar wave in MLM I could earn $711,651.98 per month rather than per year and take thousands of people with me. Greedy? No, I’m just very passionate about helping people from all over the world achieve financial freedom.

My previous MLM experience was designed around home parties rather than internet marketing, which is cool for those that want to do Avon, Tupperware, or MonaVie, but just not my gig. The social media revolution is here and I’m so ready to use it… Are you?

So that is why I started, next, I went on a worldwide journey and spared no expense to find a MLM hitting WAVE 2.

What is WAVE 2?

Historically speaking, only about 3 companies per decade ever do a billion dollars in sales in one calender year. In MLM, you catch WAVE 2, when you enter a company at $100 – $200 million in sales per/year and ride it all the way to ONE BILLION DOLLARS in annual sales. Wave 1 is what all start-up MLM companies get classified as. There are approximately 2000+ MLM companies in business every year around the world.

For me to walk from future millions in retired passive income, I had to find a MLM company ready and poised for Wave 2. The search began… I’m writing a book on how to pick and ride a billion dollar MLM wave, so I will keep this content short.

8 Key criteria for selecting the next WAVE 2 MLM company:

1) MANAGEMENT: The MLM company is between $100 – $200 million in annual sales, and has the right management, leadership and vision to achieve a billion dollars in annual sales within 5 years.

2) TIMING: The company is between 3 – 6 years old.

Why 3 – 6 years? Start ups have too many pioneer glitches and are extremely risky. In today’s age, if a company does not hit a billion a year, within its first 8 years, it most likely won’t.

3) FINANCIALS: Debt-free, privately held, with abundant reserves.

Publicly traded companies, MLM included, by design have an obligation to satisfy their shareholders. Where do you think that puts distributors on the priority scale?

4) COMPENSATION: Has to be a Binary/Check Match compensation plan, your team and fellow distributors must be making money to get the growth to a billion.

These plans are the most lucrative, motivating, distributor friendly, and team building comp plans in MLM history. Binary/Check Match plans have also created more MLM millionaires in the last 5 years than any other comp plan… I’m one of them!

5) DISTRIBUTOR EARNINGS: 5 – 7 Distributors making $100,000+ monthly. This validates that the percentages in the comp plan work, the product works and that more than one person can do it, preferably some non-MLMers have achieved over $100,000 per month as well.

6) ONLINE APPROVED: Many MLM companies will NOT allow you to build a business online, and prefer home parties, with the advent of social media, online building is a MUST.

7) INTERNATIONAL: 30+ countries with a presence in the 5 largest MLM markets – USA, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Russia.

Extra bonus points if MLM is in India, as India has the world’s fastest growing middle class and more school age children with higher IQs than all the children in the USA.

8) PRODUCTS: If you look at the top 5 billion dollar companies like Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Tupperware etc., they all many different products. A company that is built on one ingredient or one product is very vulnerable to collapsing. Multi-Products = Multi-Level Security.

AGEL has all 8 keys…


I invested over $40,000 searching…

I looked for 18 months and invested over $40,000 in product trials, distributorships, travel, hosting private meetings at my San Diego estate, and pure investigation. So mark my words when I say the following… there is no other company in the world, right now, that is ready for a billion dollar wave like Agel – period!

Now my critics are going to think I’m crazy, too bold, or I have some big financial agenda… Well guess what, the answer is yes to all… I am bold, super confident, and most certainly have a financial agenda. I just walked from a lot of money, but remember, I only gave it up because I found the next WAVE 2 MLM and great opportunity for all. I’m bold enough to put my money where my mouth is and do something that has NEVER been done before in MLM, walking away from $711,651.98 from a stable billion dollar company.

So if you are looking for a new MLM and don’t have the desire to invest all the time and money like I did, come on board, I’ve done the due diligence. If your content with your current MLM company, great, you’ll love my reality show, as you’ll receive tremendous value.

Would you like to join Agel, and work with myself and the Octane 22 team?
GREAT, go to “Make Money With Raven”.


I must add, I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of MLM and buy products and services from 11 different MLM companies, I love MLM.

There are many GREAT MLM companies, and in my search I narrowed it down from about a 100, to 30, and then to my top 10. So I personally know that there are fabulous MLM companies out there, but remember, ONLY about 3 MLM companies ride WAVE 2 every 10 years. So although, there are many great companies, I personally was looking for THE NEXT BILLION DOLLAR GIANT, not the next 100 million dollar wave.

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