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  1. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

  2. First let me say that I am so excited to see a single mom and woman achieve what you have in this business. YOur story lets me know that mlm can and will change my life. I have failed in this industry, but something just want let me give up on it. I have to just find the right mentor and company. I am so determine to have a better life that I have been on the web searching for something or someone to help me in this quest to find freedom. I came across you for jonathan budd video who i also found by searching on line. The fact that you walked away from that kind of money to find something that you believe in. its just awsome. I have been researching your current company and would love to continue to watch you make this happen. I am open to speaking with you. I hope you are just as open to speak with me. Your story is truly inspiring and i know you will achieve success in what ever you do. Much respect.

    Shaundra Hudson

  3. Dear Raven

    I found about you from the Jonathan Budd video. You are my hero, I mean that. I have to be like you and with everything I have inside of me I am still stuck. If you knew me you would think I had it all to make it. Can you help me; I do not know were to turn. I am in Ambit Energy however I am open. I have to succeed and I will, I just need a little direction.
    I have the ability and perhaps there is something I could offer you in return. Is it just making the calls or a using a system like Jonathan or Ibuzz pro???
    You really are the best thank you for considering talking to me; I appreciate your time in advance.
    David Thomas

  4. When are you coming to New York City Raven?… If you ever do, and you remember this little post, You are welcomed to come train at my health club (free of charge of course, lol)… You needed a date to the White House if (Jonathan Budd was busy), so I owe you one…. (remember.., facebook on halloween)….

    Anyway, good luck on your ventures…

    Red Fox

    1. Hi Cole,

      In my experience which isn’t any where near as successful as Ms Starre’s has been people when they try internet marketing i.e. Facebook or Twitter. They are in too much in a hurry for a quick sale or to recruit people.

      These internet forums are about building community. Check out the 4 part series from Eric Worre and his interviews with Gary Vaynerchuk to get the idea. Once you have community and people that look at you for advice THEN offer your solution. Until then you have to offer value for people with little or no reward. Its about staying the course and sadly not a lot of people can do this.

      Being successful is more about Desire and the determination to succeed, rather than what you get right or wrong in the process or which media you promote in. On the internet ANYONE can be an expert. ANYONE can say what they want. Its up to the listener or reader to evaluate the content and act if needed on the information.

      I hope this explanation was helpful in some way to you?

  5. Hello Raven ~ Will you be addressing different prospecting techniques that you use?? In the meantime, what do you think of Both Placing Ads, Online & Offline as well as Branding Oneself…Shirts, Buttons, etc..

    Thanks for your time…..David

  6. hi,its wonderful what you’ve acomplished but for a stay at home mum like me in Nigeria. Ave met a lot of restrictions that I sometimes fear that I might not really be able to break even with foreign based network marketing which my country cannot boost of anything like that. SO what if I want to start one for my country how do I start?

    Mrs JUSTIN

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