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Expert MLM Tips & Facts:

#11 MLM Tip: 86% Of MLMers are woman. You would be VERY wise to enroll with or find a SUPER successful woman in your upline.

#10 MLM Tip: Postcards combined with a phenomenal sales funnel is the fastest way of climbing to the top of a MLM pay plan – Guaranteed!

#9 MLM Tip: The right consistent action, DONE DAILY, is what defines a Master from an Amateur. Gotta put in your 10,000 hours for Mastery.

#8 MLM Tip: You don’t need another guru, positive affirmation, book or training… What you need is a Mentor. The best of the best always have a Mentor!

#7 MLM Tip: 72.6 Million Americans exist on minimum wage, that’s less than $15,080 per year. An extra $300 makes a HUGE difference to them.

#6 MLM Tip: 10, 000 People per day are turning 65 for the next 17 years. Number one fear? Outliving their money,  it doesn’t have to be that way, you can help them.

#5 MLM Tip: The under 30 age demographic is now larger than the baby boomers and 71% want to look for a new job.

#4 MLM Tip: A MLM company that is built on one ingredient or one product is very vulnerable to collapsing… Multi-Products = Multi-Level-Security.

#3 MLM Tip: MLM companies and YOU must combine home parties with social media, home parties by themselves are an old model. EXAMPLE: Avon to cut 1,200 Jobs by 2013.

#2 MLM Tip: Do you attract or chase? Attract people because you are a kind, passionate leader that is setting the world on fire and not a desperate stalker, I mean chaser.

#1 MLM Tip: Celebrate ALL MLMers, no matter what their MLM company. Applaud them if they move companies and congratulate them on their successes.

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