11 thoughts on “Raven Starre left MonaVie for Agel, WHY? Watch Tom Chenault’s Radio Show!”

  1. Hi Raven. You have new follower for your show. I am sure I will gain a lot of useful information through your show. It is about time someone did an MLM reality show.Way to forge ahead.

  2. Thanks Raven. Major inspiration for me to get serious about Agel again. And then to think that I accedintally visited your website because I saw your comments on FB regarding Mr. Jim Rohns passing away. I hope one day I’ll find a mentor like he was.
    With regards,
    Gerrit Bronkhorst

  3. Dear Raven,
    I have been searching for years to get out of this rut, I stumbled upon your site by accident, ( although I believe everything happens for a reason). and when I saw you were drinking a Green Smoothie, I knew that was a tip from the Universe. We were both drinking one at the same time I was watching the video. Cheers!! Maggie

  4. Hello
    Congrats on your decision to go and start all over, yet again. I find that fascinating. Forgive me as great words truly do escape me. I can say this however, w0w your energy and conviction are just fabulous. I am looking forward to your reality show and will stay tuned for more of your very interesting posts.
    thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Raven your a Starre and beautiful! I love your empowered energy most of all!

    I do pray that one day a person of your caliber sees the most potent opportunity of all being a company that “in every mlm realty moment’ protecting and preserving the Rainforests as is the Amaqzon Herb Company.

    Take a boat ride deep into the Amazon jungle with me and you will have the major mlm reality turn on of your life.

    I am serious and sincere about this!

    all the best,

    Dr. Michael

    1. Dr. Michael your passion for your company is great. I looked at Amazon Herb in 1999 and flew into Florida and met with John for a few days at that time and looked at it again this year when I was making my BILLION $ decision. Only 3 companies ride the billion $ wave every decade and I’m absolutely convinced it is Agel. I wish you only the best my new friend!

  6. Hey Raven

    I admire you for what you do. I am also an immigrant. from Russia, a mom of two boys and entpreneur! I am so impressed with your success! Thank you for inspiration.. I am starting a personal development radio show in Canada… and I love the style of this show! Great interview!

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