What is MLM?

M.L.M. stands for Multi-Level-Marketing and is also called Network Marketing or Direct Sales.

MLM is the ultimate opportunity for anyone, from any background, 18 years or older, to become financially free.

MLM is real way of creating a monthly passive income from a kitchen table.

Some MLM companies you’ve probably heard of; Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife, NuSkin. These are Billion dollar prestige examples of the MLM profession.

Every time you refer someone to a great movie or product how much do you make?…

You know when you tell someone about something great, like a great movie and then that person goes and watches the movie, and then tells another friend about the movie, this is called viral word of mouth advertising. Now, here is the question, how much did Paramount, DreamWorks, or the movie theatre pay you? Right, nothing.

Now imagine finding a phenomenal product or service and you start telling your friends and then they tell their friends, etc., and you got paid on all of your friends that got the product and their friends, and the friends of those friends… pretty soon that could be hundreds or thousands of people, which equals thousands of dollars for YOU.

YOU get paid over and over and over again…

In 2005, I became a distributor in a MLM company called MonaVie, and told a few hundred friends and that turned into over 120,000 people, in the USA and in other countries.

I got paid a percentage on the sales of those people and in 2008 made $711,651.98, and the best part was, I was retired.

How did that happen, because there is an ID number that is attached to every person when they enroll into a MLM company and WHENEVER they buy the product, even if it’s years later, YOU ALWAYS get paid. Just like when a song writer and/or singer writes a song and gets paid everytime it’s downloaded from iTunes or a radio station plays it.

The rich work SMART not HARD…

Do something ONCE, like set up a customer or distributor in a MLM company, and get paid EVERY TIME they place an order, now that is MLM passive/retired income!

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